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The following are solicitations for Ipe, Greenheart, Cambera and other tropical exotic hardwoods that we received from buyers wanting multiple bids on their Ipe hardwood orders. We emailed these solicitations to our network of hardwood suppliers and were able to provide our buyers with multiple, competitive bids from which to choose. Their savings on Ipe, Cambera, Greenheart and other tropical exotic hardwoods is frequently in the thousands... occasionally more.



  • Received 1/28/09. Solicitation #: Catlett65809Ipe. Need pricing and availability for immediate delivery of following Ipe delivered to MO 65809: 4036 LF random lengths (approx. equal lengths of 8' to 16') 1x6 (3/4"x5 1/2" net) pre-grooved. Client building outdoor deck. Please include Solicitation # above on your bid. Need bid NLT Wednesday, 2/4/09. Solicitation fulfilled.

  • Received 1/28/09. Solicitation #: Rand10010Ipe. Need pricing to furnish (and install) 3000 SF of Ipe 2'x2' roof pavers in Manhattan 10010. Substrate should be Ipe as well (to pass NYC fire code). Price with adjustable pedestals. Please include Solicitation # above on your bid. Need bid NLT Wednesday, 2/4/09. If you can also install, please break out labor to install. Solicitation pending.

  • Received 1/27/09. Solicitation #: Francisco10005GW. Need pricing for Greenheart Wood for a boardwalk to be delivered to New York City 10005. This is an exploratory solicitation and supplier's price is an estimate, not a bid: 130,000 BF in the form of 2x4x16' clear on 3 sides. Need estimate NLT 1/30/09. Additional notes from solicitor: "I am just looking for a pricing range right now. But if it is a simple procedure for the suppliers that's fine. I need some numbers by the end of this week, even if these are qualified (a high and low range etc. based on timing and quality.) Any further details on quality/grading would also be very helpful." Solicitation fulfilled.


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