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Solicitations for Bidding

"Where hardwood suppliers compete... you win."

The following are recent solicitations for bids received by our office for exotic hardwoods,
especially Ipe, Greenheart Wood and Cambara Mahogany. The most recent solicitations are at the top.
Hardwood suppliers please feel free to bid.

If you are seeking bids from multiple suppliers, please fill out the Buyer Solicitation Form. The Suppliers will contact you directly with their independent bids.

It is important that you use this form. Not only will it provide accurate bidding from our suppliers, but we may be able to save you a great deal of money.


  • Received 3/10/09. Solicitation #: Brunelle96727IpeTW. Need pricing and availability for following S4S E4E Ipe (or Tigerwood) delivered to residence April 15th at Honokaa, HI 96727:
    2000 LF (RL) of 1x6 Ipe (or Tigerwood)
    Building 2decks. Delivery by 4/15. Please include solicitation # in subject of your email bid. No response.

  • Received 3/21/09. Solicitation #: Mirque10512Ipe. Need pricing and availability for S4S, pre-grooved CAH Ipe 1x6 delivered to Carmel, NY 10512 (residence) to build 26x28 deck:
    1760 LF RL PG 1x6 Ipe
    Please also include hidden fasteners and UV Sealer. Deadline for bids: ASAP. Approx delivery by 4/7/09. This is a revised solicitation. Please include solicitation # in subject of your email bid. Solicitation fulfilled.

  • Received 3/20/09. Solicitation #: Nakash33146Ipe. Need pricing and availability for following S4S Ipe with anti-skid grooves on one face. Delivered to business in Miami, FL 33146 (forklift and loading dock available):
    375 2x8-10' net (not nominal) (750 2x8-5' if cheaper)
    48 2x8-12' net (not nominal)
    95 2x6-12' net (not nominal)
    Building a marina pier. Need bids NLT Monday, 3/23/09. Delivery by May-June 09. He is bidding on this job. Bids opened on Tuesday, 3/24/09. Please include solicitation # in subject of your email bid. No suppliers bid. Cannot get Ipe in these net dimensions.
  • Received 3/20/09. Solicitation #: Ramsdell02026Ipe. Need pricing and availability for following S4S E4E pre-grooved Ipe with can of end wax and hidden fasteners. delivered to residence at Dedham, MA 02026:
    2 1x4-8'
    17 1x4-10'
    5 1x4-12'
    19 1x4-14'
    Building a deck. Need bids NLT Saturday, 3/21/09. Delivery by 3/27/09. Please include solicitation # in subject of your email bid. No suppliers bid.

  • Received 3/16/09. Solicitation #: Trudeau73703Ipe. Need pricing and availability for S4S E4E CAH Ipe delivered to a business with fork lift in OK 73703:
    11 5/4x6-10'
    17 5/4x6-16'
    40 5/4x6-18'
    Building a deck. Deadline for bids is 3/18/09. Delivery NLT 3/25. Please include solicitation # in subject of your email bid. Lost sale because Mike called 6 hours too late.

  • Received 3/10/09. Solicitation # Boswell20015Ipe. Need pricing and availability for CAH S4S Ipe with microbevel for interior window jambs, false columns and trim for delivery in 2 weeks to Washington, DC 20015:
    150 LF 1x4 random length (no shorts)
    2 1x6-8'
    1 1x6-12'
    120 LF 1x8 random length (no shorts)
    2 1x10-10'
    Solicitation fulfilled.





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