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Question #3: Kiln dried lumber costs less than PT doesn't it?

Answer #3: Yup. It isn't a wash, but you will save some on switching from PT to kiln dried, but spend more in order to seal the kiln dried wood on all surfaces... but the look will be stunning... and you may never have to seal it again. You could also take the ultra safe route and use KDPT (kiln dried pressure treated) which costs currently about 10% more than PT.

Question #4: What!?! I would not have to seal it again, as in never? Have you lost your mind? Nothing lasts that long on wood!

Answer #4: Hey, dude, chill out. It is true that almost anything you use to seal wood will need to be re-sealed in 6 months to a year. Understand also that many factors influence the longevity of this or any other flouropolymer, but if you prepare the surface correctly, and apply it correctly, it will last many, many years without a doubt. And if in 20 years you find it needs a little touch up in main traffic areas, you can do that with a gallon of clear or perhaps just a can or two of the aerosol. Touchup is no problem with this product.

Question #5: You said that this was an inexpensive alternative. So what might cost a little more?

Answer #5: Use Ipe for the decking and railings with 1/2" colored metal balusters for the pickets and maybe cambera mahogany for the ceiling. Seal it all (even the metal balusters) with Super Shield and it will be jaw dropping gorgeous and stay that way for a long, long time. It will cost more, but your biggest problem will be keeping your neighbors from drooling on it!

Question #6: Let's go back to how long this stuff lasts. You seem very confident.














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