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Question: I've heard that some Ipe Suppliers can rip me off and I not even know it. How is that possible? And how can I prevent it?

Answer: It is possible. Happens all the time and in several ways: 1) They tell you its Ipe and its not. It is maybe garapa or something that looks similar but it is cheaper and doesn't hold up like Ipe. It's not as dense and is more subject to weathering, mold, and decay than Ipe. You PAY for Ipe, but you get something else.

Question: So how can I prevent this from happening? How can I tell the difference between Ipe and something else that is similar?

Answer: You won't. Only way to tell is to take a sample to a wood expert like a local Department of Agriculture Extension Agent or a Forestry laboratory that can run the tests... unless you are an expert. Honestly, the best way to prevent this is to deal only with Suppliers who are reputable. Check 'em out on BBB. See if they have had complaints. How have they resolved the complaints? Do your homework.

Question: So how do your Ipe Suppliers stack up?

Answer: How did I know that question was coming? Actually, we have never had a problem in this area. They sell what they advertise. If they don't, I won't keep them in my Network.

Question: What else can Suppliers do to put one over on me?

Answer: They can sell you real Ipe that is inferior. By that I mean the best Ipe (and what our Suppliers sell) is from Guyana which has the best growing environment. It is CAH (Clear All Heart) and does not contain a mix of Select (sapwood). You can receive Ipe that is Ipe... but it isn't dense and tightly grained due to one of the reasons above. You won't even know it at the time. But in a few years, it will become apparent that you were had. Again, it takes an expert to know the differences. Advice: Deal with reputable suppliers. If their prices seem too good to be true, guess what? They probably are and you are not getting what you are paying for.

Question: You got any photos to show me what you mean?

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